Experience with Brimotech engineering

Very competent and pleasant service

The gas springs fit our system perfectly thanks to Brimotech’s correct calculations and 3D drawings. Thank you for your advice!

– Jaap van Dolder


For our established relationships within gas springs and dampers, we do a lot of engineering. The use of 3D engineering allows Brimotech Solutions to create detailed and accurate designs for custom products. This helps visualize the final product and optimize the design before production begins. The result is a better fit and functionality of the products.

We are happy to take the specialized work off your hands

If you have a system that requires gas springs to be calculated, you can send us any type of 2D/3D file with your specifications. As a service for our customers, we calculate the correct gas spring and can send it to our customers including 3D drawing and the entire assembly.

Extra service

Brimotech Solutions is dedicated to providing quality products and service to our customers. Custom productions allow us to maintain a higher level of quality control and ensure that products meet each customer’s specific requirements. Are you ordering gas springs or dampers that consist of several parts? Then we make sure that these are delivered assembled, so that you receive a ready-made total package. In this way we guarantee the quality of our product. Physically sending us a prototype for the installation of gas springs is possible.


At Brimotech, we fully customize gas springs for any application. In doing so, you have the opportunity to add various options to the gas springs. Customization ensures greater safety and less wear on the gas spring and other components.

  • Western European production
  • Customer specific production
  • Steel or stainless steel 316
  • Exhaust valve
  • Stroke 10mm to 700mm
  • Special seals
  • Etc.


To determine the appropriate gas spring for your application, it is important to first make a calculation. A calculation that seems relatively easy, but because the center of gravity of each application constantly changes with angular rotation, it is still a tricky job. Find out more about the calculation of a gas spring. Prefer to outsource the calculation? We are happy to perform it for you. When you order the gas springs from us, this calculation is free of charge.

If you are in possession of a 3D file of your application, you can mail it to us including your specifications and requirements. Note the weight and center of gravity in relation to the hinge point in a closed situation and attach it.


  • We are the specialist in gas springs with extensive experience;
  • We supply customized gas springs for any application, in steel and stainless steel 316;
  • Years of experience in mechanics;
  • In-house 3D engineering;
  • We take the calculation out of your hands;
  • Delivery within 24 hours in the Netherlands possible, if in stock in our own warehouse.

Questions about our gas springs, dampers and end fittings? Discuss the possibilities of having a gas spring calculated by the engineers at Brimotech Solutions? As a specialist in the field of gas springs and dampers, we are happy to provide you with the best tailored advice. Request our brochure.