Extend lifespan

Brimotech gas springs and dampers

If you are going to install our gas springs yourself, make sure you have the correct installation position with the cylinder pointing upward. The trickiest application is when the gas spring hinges through the horizon, as shown below. If you have a similar application, we recommend dynamic damping.

Tips & tricks

Here are some important tips for proper operation and long life of our gas springs.

  • Never treat the piston rod with paint, grease or oil and protect it from mechanical damage.
  • Always ensure proper alignment of the gas spring and preferably use hinged connections.
  • When installing your gas spring, make sure that the piston rod points downward as much as possible. This will keep the seal lubricated, which will benefit its longevity. In addition, handle the rod carefully so that it is not damaged. If it is damaged, the seal can break down quickly, causing the gas to leak out of the gas spring and stop working. Furthermore, make sure your gas spring moves only in the longitudinal direction and not in the transverse direction. Loading in the transverse direction causes it to break down quickly. With a ball joint, you significantly reduce this risk.
  • Load the gas spring only axially, in the direction of the shaft.
  • If there are many vibrations in the application, allow for some play in the connections.
  • Gas springs must never be loaded with tension. Should this occur, always use our Anti-Tear systems.
  • Gas springs can normally be used at temperatures between -30ºC and +80ºC.
  • Especially in condensation and frost, the seal can be subjected to heavier stress.
  • During its service life, a gas pull spring loses a small amount of its nitrogen. The tensioning force of the gas traction spring thus decreases somewhat very slowly.
  • Never use gas springs simply as dampers.
  • You have no maintenance on our Brimotech gas springs and dampers. So you do not need to lubricate the piston rod with oil either.
  • When in doubt about a possible use always ask our advice first.