Brimotech gas springs

Highest quality stainless steel 316 gas springs

At Brimotech you will find the highest quality stainless steel 316 gas springs for every conceivable application. Often you will find our stainless steel gas springs in the food processing industry and maritime sector. Also dampers , tandem and lockable gas springs are possible in stainless steel 316. All this up to forces of 5200N.

Gas springs stainless steel 316

Infinite possibilities gas springs 316

Our stainless steel 316 gas springs are possible from 20N to 5200N and a stroke of 20mm to approx. 800mm. As the stainless steel 316 gas springs are often produced completely customer specific, all specifications are possible within the above mentioned range.

  • Electro-polished stainless steel 316
  • Friction possibilities
  • Viton® seals
  • Extra oil seal
  • Exhaust filling valve
  • Laser print coding
  • Various damping possibilities
  • Etc.


For small quantities, protos and quick delivery, we have a range of stainless steel 316 standard (QuickShip) gas springs equipped with valve of which we keep a number of sizes in stock and are filled according to the desired strength.

Standard gas spring typeForce (N)

Standard Ø15 – maximum 400NDownload PDF
Standard Ø19
 – maximum 750NDownload PDF
Standard Ø22
 – maximum 1250NDownload PDF
Standard Ø28
 – maximum 2500NDownload PDF


In addition to our standard stainless steel gas springs, we produce every conceivable custom gas spring (stainless steel) for you, within the limits of diameter Ø12 to Ø40 for both steel and 316 stainless steel. Customization ensures greater safety and longer life for your complete application.


  • We are the specialist in gas springs with extensive experience;
  • We supply customized gas springs for every application, in stainless steel 316;
  • Years of experience in mechanics;
  • In-house 3D engineering;
  • We take the calculation out of your hands;
  • Delivery within 24 hours possible in the Netherlands, if in stock in our own warehouse.

Questions about our gas springs, dampers and connection parts? Discuss the possibilities of having a gas spring calculated by the engineers at Brimotech Solutions? As a specialist in the field of gas springs and dampers, we are happy to provide you with the best tailored advice. Request our brochure.