With customer-specific solutions, 3D engineering and European manufacturing to ISO9001, RoHS and REACH, we can understand the unique needs of these industries and provide the right solution.

Our commitment to quality and service ensures that at Brimotech Solutions, you get the best products and support to move your business forward.

“Anything that can or should move based on gas springs and dampers is our expertise.”

Brimotech Solutions BV was founded January 1, 2011 as an engineering company within the mechanics. From this specialism the cooperation with Vapsint srl, one of Europe’s larger manufacturers of gas springs and dampers made of steel and stainless steel 316, arose.

Meanwhile Brimotech is a European registered brand with its own representations in several European countries. Production takes place exclusively at Vapsint in Northern Italy. 3D engineering is present in both the Netherlands and Italy. All this according to the highest quality requirements monitored by ISO9001 among others.

  • The best customized solutions for each system
  • Over 20 years of experience in mechanics
  • Own 3D-engineering
  • Gas springs, dampers and end fittings based on your wishes and requirements

Questions about our gas springs, dampers and connection parts? Discuss the possibilities of having a gas spring calculated by the engineers at Brimotech Solutions? As a specialist in the field of gas springs and dampers, we are happy to provide you with the best tailored advice. Request our brochure.